Residential & Small Business Security

We offer reliable security assessments and consultation for the protection of your home or small business worldwide. Remote consultation available.

Workplace Investigations

Discreet investigations to uncover the truth for employers regarding illegal or other unwanted activity. Our Charlottesville, Virginia investigators will give your company peace of mind.

Skip Tracing & Missing Persons

Locating people for the purpose of process service, personal, or business reasons. Our Virginia investigators use modern technology to locate evasive individuals.

Bug Sweeps

Experienced Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (TSCM) bug sweeps for your residence or business using very sophisticated and expensive bug detection equipment.

Asset Verification and Location

Verification and location of business or personal assets for civil and criminal cases.


Gathering evidence through observation, photos, and video for a variety of cases to include worker's compensation, child custody, and unfaithful partners.

Background Investigations

Work history, education verification, credit information, driving records, criminal reports, and more can be provided.

Document Delivery

Retrieval and delivery of legal documents to and from a courthouse, corporate or legal offices, or wherever you need them retrieved and delivered.

Process Service

Service of legal documents to properly inform a party of their involvement in a court case. Our Charlottesville, Virginia investigators use our experience to serve evasive defendants.

Virginia Investigators

Our Charlottesville, Virginia private investigators are dedicated to our work and strive to get our clients the results they seek. With a variety of available services, our Virginia investigators offer various solutions for your case.

The firm is headquartered in Charlottesville and offers services in Albemarle County and the surrounding areas. We work with a variety of businesses, law firms, paralegals and pro se individuals. Give us a call at (540) 724-1913 to see how our professional Virginia investigators may assist you!

About Liberty Professionals

Secure Communications

  • We provide confidentiality through email and file system encryption.


  • We do not accept a case if it crosses any ethical boundaries.


  • ASIS Board Certified Physical Security Professional

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